How to Use: Gua Sha Tool

Gua sha, also known as scraping is a traditional Chinese healing practice intended to move stagnant energy in a particular part of the body that may be inflamed, stiff or irritated. Traditionally it is done by using the smooth blunt edge of a jade or buffalo horn to repeated scrap a particular oiled area of skin often along the meridian channels  until small red dots appear. This is to stimulate new oxygenated blood flow into the area, relieving any stagnant energy (chi). 
Facial Gua Sha, is an evolved natural method using a crystal stone or metal tool to lift, sculpt and de-congest the skin on the face and neck. It can be daily or a few times a week to keep skin looking healthy and rejuvenated. 
What do you need?
Face Oil
Facial Mist 
Gua Sha Tool
How do you do it? 
1. Cleanse your face and hydrate with choice of your facial mist/hydrator.
2. Massage a generous amount of face oil onto your palm first then onto your face. Massage in an upward manner to mimic the direction in which you’d like skin to be lifted towards.
3. Use the FLAT surface of the Gua Sha with light to medium pressure to stroke particular area of your neck or face. Make sure it’s a slow and gentle speed to relax your nervous system.
4. Repeat stroke 6 or more times then repeat on the other side. 
Common directions
FRONT OF NECK. In between collar bone up towards bone of chin using the notch side of Gua Sha.  

JAW. Place fingers onto your chin for support and use the notch end (flat side) of your tool  and follow the angle of your jaw until you meet your ear.

CHEEK. Place fingers next to your nose and use wide flat side of Gua Sha and gently pull under your cheek bone towards your ear in an upward angle.

UNDER THE EYE. Place ring finger in the inner corner of your eye and lightly hold. Use notch end of your Gua Sha (flat side) and move the tool under your eye with feather light pressure towards your temple until you reach your hairline. 

EYEBROW. Place ring and middle finger in between your eyebrows and use the notch end of your tool follow the brow bone. As you reach the end of brow bone turn the toll upward into your hairline. 

FOREHEAD. Place three fingers in between your eyebrows and use narrow flat side of tool and stroke upwards into your hairline.

Extra TLC: wiggle tool at the end of the stroke for a trigger point massage.
Make this a weekly or daily ritual as you wish. ENJOY! 

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