Clear Quartz Hanger

Clear Quartz Hanger

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Clear Quartz (aka The Master Healer) - Stone of power and seeker of truth.
Place in the centre of your home to enrich consciousness and encourage clear communication.

This delicately mesmerising hanger brings high vibrations, amplified energy, increased awareness and clarity. Supports in opening up the mind and elevating negative perceptions into enlightened ones.

Perfect addition for the home to help with clarity of mind, eliminating energy blockages and allowing energy to flow smoothly.

Product Description:
• Seven raw clear quartz points strung onto a large wooden ring base which is attached to smaller wooden ring hanger. (assembled by hand).
• Top to bottom measures at approximately 45cms
• Wooden ring to lowest point measures at approximately 35cms
• Average quartz measures at approximately 5cms

Please note that all crystal points are natural and will vary in shape.