Protection Kit

Protection Kit

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If you're feeling a continuous sense of unsettled emotions our Protection Kit is here for you. Specially curated to support during any time of difficulty, each crystal is well intended to welcome a space of ease and anchor.

How to use:
Clear a small space in your home as a dedicated altar, place your Protection Kit crystals there and any other totems, journals or words of affirmation you may have surrounding the new held, anchored and kind chapter ahead. Once a new moon or anytime should your heart desire, burn the white sage to cleanse your home space and spend time journalling or just sitting with your crystals. 

*Carry your tumblers in your daily bag/pouch to keep intention and crystal support close to you. 

You will find : 
1x Smoky Quartz Chard 
stone of grounding; helps the body disperse feelings of anxiety, depression and unkind thoughts 

1x Selenite Rod 
surfaces any emotional/mental blockages into a space of clarity 

1x Black Tourmaline Tumbler
elevates self worth, inner confidence for one's self 

1x Pyrite Tumbler 
cleanse and purifies any energy that doesn't serve one 

1x Clear Quartz Tumbler 
welcomes positive energy back; creates an inner sanctum of light and ease 

1x Abalone Shell & White Sage 
Burn sage as a cleanse for one's self and home, the shells holds the sage for your altar of any space intentionally set up for your Protection Kit 

Each package is unique, just like you!
Crystals will slightly differ in proportion and appearance, but the contents and properties remain the same.