Self Love Gift Set

Self Love Gift Set

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Self Love Gift Set is curated to support your daily actions back into a space of love and kindness. A combination of self-care tools and intentional crystal decor to align your actions back into loving awareness. 

Gift set includes:
(Valued at $85)

• Clear Quartz Cluster

• Cheer Essential Oil Roller blend of geranium and frankincense 
• Rose Quartz Gua Sha  
• Rose Quartz (un)Worry Stone 

How to use:
Place Clear Quartz Cluster into a space in your home which you're exceptionally grateful for. Use Rose Quartz (un)Worry Stone for similar intentions by carrying it with you throughout the day and rub as you desire. 

Cheer Oil Roller can be used to safely inhale as aromatherapy and/or rubbed onto temples for a pick me up. When at home, combine this ritual with Clear Quartz Gua Sha tool for a facial massage. (Note: safe to use Cheer oil blend on your face; alternatively use coconut oil or face oil with Gua Sha tool)